Engineering Services

We do design and manufacturing of conveyor systems in conjunction with leading conveyor companies

Mining Construction

mining construction and engineering services that include underground support systems and underground construction.

Plant Cleaning Services

a vast experience in the cleaning of Plants, Mines and Industrial sites.

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Welcome to Manlind

As a leader in our industry, we take great pride in our commitment to providing unprecendented customer service. In addition to our utmost regard for customer relationships, we consider our professional approach to post-sale servicing and parts paramount to the satisfaction of our clients and organisational dependability.

Our Mission

Manlind 22 (Pty) is committed to the promotion of sustainable mineral resources development, aware of its contribution to national economic growth and countryside community development. It fully recognizes that the development of a responsive policy framework in partnership with stakeholders to govern mineral exploration, mining and investment decisions and an effective institutional structure, are fundamental requisites for the sustainable utilization of the country’s mineral resources. It is adherent to the promotion of geological studies as an integral element of socio-economic development, environmental protection and human safety. Yet, it is sensitive to the known environmental impacts of mining and the need for restoration and rehabilitation of mining-affected areas and the development and adoption of environmental and geoscientific technologies.

Our Vision

Manlind 22 (Pty) envisions a minerals industry that is not only prosperous but also socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, with broad community and political support while positively and progressively assisting in government’s program on poverty alleviation and contributing to the general economic well being of the nation.

Purpose and Values

  • We support infrastructure delivery through our core competency of engineering and construction, and through the provision of selected construction products and operations.
  • This is underpinned by growing global demand for transport and logistics, power and energy, water and sanitation, telecommunications, health and education, accommodation and facilities, and mineral extraction and beneficiation infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure owners rely on the various stakeholders within the built environment to develop, finance, design, engineer, construct, operate and supply inputs for delivery of infrastructure.

Health, Safety, Medical and Induction

Our Company is familiar with the Mines and Mineral works Act and also complies with the Mine Health and Safety Act. (Nr 29 of 1996)
Our Employees are well Trained, Medically Tested, Inducted and Refreshed on a regular basis to ensure that all rules and regulations are maintained for the Safety of their own Lives and their Co-Workers. All our Employees undergo Training and Induction by our approved in-house Health and Safety Manager to the Standards set by The Maccouavlei Training Centre, done at The Springs Collage, to ensure that only competent, qualified and well Trained people work on site.


  • Manlind 22 (Pty) Ltd is influenced by society and the environment and through its business activities has an impact on society and the environment.
  • We aspire to operate in an ethical and sustainable way by considering the concerns of our stakeholders, understanding our risks and opportunities, and managing our social and environmental impact.
  • Our framework for sustainability (below) provides the business model we employ in pursuing our goals and aspirations.

Economic and Social Development

  • The built environment and the infrastructure associated with it is core to quality of life and prosperity.
  • The engineering and construction sector and its value chain creates and sustains jobs, contributes to national fiscal revenue and seeks to improve the wellbeing of the many citizens employed by the sector.
  • Without infrastructure, sustainable economic and social development is not possible.